Saving And Investing

This is our chance to ensure the fiscal stability and the future of our public schools. On November 3rd, you and other Jefferson County voters will be able to determine the future of public education.

Or call 847. 249. 9444 or toll-free at 800. 762. 9988, ext. 444. Discover the right financial tools to invest in your future. $25 to make one-time contributions by check, electronic funds transfer, or recurring ACH. checks issued by a financial institution or brokerage firm made payable to the account owner or the beneficiary and endorsed over to VHEIP by the account owner. Like many of you, Dr. Marty Pollio is passionate about the future of JCPS and the changes necessary to give every student the best education possible, regardless of where they live in our community. In the view of many residents of our community, our school board members and JCPS Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio, the case for new investment is clear.

Investment Plan

Our initiative is also designed to create educational equity so that our students and our community has facilities similar to other Kentucky school districts. We will also make it a priority to use funding to support the 5, 100 homeless students, the 12, 000 English Language Learners and the 12, 500 students with disabilities who rely upon JCPS for support of their lives each day.

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